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Y'all I love this series and I love these two!!! Okay. I'll stop shouting. It's time for another Blazin' Love romance. Enjoy! Trading the turkey for a bad boy… It’s Thanksgiving. I’m straddled on the back of a Harley. This story will go down in history about how I...

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As You Wish | Ja'Nese Dixon

Today is release day! I polled my readers and created a holiday story I think you'll love. It has the hint of an enemies to lovers story as Imani fights to keep the doors of her studio open and then the unthinkable happens...she...well, you have to read the story...

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Host or Crash

Thanksgiving Question 2017 | Ja'Nese Dixon

Y'all...I'm a Texas girl...we are having the Wednesday question on Thursday. 😁 Work with me. After hundreds of WONDERFUL responses last week this week I gotta know... Next week are you hosting Thanksgiving or crashing? I plan to CRASH. * * * * * * * PREORDER HOLIDAYS EVER...

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