Book Cliffhangers

Cliffhanger | Ja'Nese Dixon

It's WEDNESDAY. So, I'm kicking around this story idea. I need your help. Tell me...are cliffhangers in books a deal breaker for YOU? Tell me in the comments. Yes... No... Depends... Feel free to add an explanation. * * * * * * * ABOUT BLACK DIAMOND * *...

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What is the BEST Reader Prize?

Reader Prize | Ja'Nese Dixon

I'm planning a rather large holiday giveaway. I need your help putting together the prize. What is the BEST reader giveaway prize? What would make you excited to enter AND share? Tell me in the comments or click HERE. 1. eReader 2. eBooks 3. Print books 4. Gift cards...

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Sweet Mild HOT…How hot do you like it?

I'm writing a story and I'm trying to decide just how far these characters are going to go. You know...from cold to warm...warm to sizzling hot. So, I decided to do a little research. The romance genre spans many many subgenres and various degree of heat levels. For this...

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