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I’m writing a story and I’m trying to decide just how far these characters are going to go. You know…from cold to warm…warm to sizzling hot. So, I decided to do a little research.

The romance genre spans many many subgenres and various degree of heat levels. For this discussion, the heat level speaks to the physical intimacy between the characters.

I write in several of the heat categories I share below. But now I’m curious, which do YOU prefer to read?

Which do you prefer … 

I gotta know…how do you like your romance?

Sweet: Kisses.

Mild: Closed door intimate scenes between two committed individuals.

Warm: Moderate sensuality with relatively mild love scenes that are more sensual than graphic

Hot! Standard main stream romance. Adult language, sensual, explicit love scenes.

Tell me in the comments or on FACEBOOK.

I Write…

Across the spectrum, here are some examples.

Thanks to Rubbish to Publish for creating these short definitions.


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