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Fearless Goodbye | Ja'Nese Dixon

Pick one from each section…

Section 1: Catchy Title

  • Loved it!
  • Couldn’t Put It Down!
  • Excellent Read
  • Enjoyed this book
  • Entertaining

Section 2: Thoughtful, Short Review

  • enjoyed this book because it was suspenseful . The author did a great job with the charactersThe book will especially appeal to women who love a relaxing read.
  • I [INSERT] this book because it was [INSERT]. The author did a great job with the [INSERT]. The book will especially appeal to [INSERT].
  • I loved it and would recommend to my family and friends.
  • Write your own…it can be short and sweet but do it.

That’s it! I thought I’d put the template in a separate post. It makes it easy to find. Want to read the full post? Click HERE.

Now be honest…will you consider leaving more book reviews? 


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