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Where do you buy your ebooks?

  • Amazon (Kindle)
  • Barnes and Noble (Nook)
  • Apple (iBooks)
  • Kobo
  • Other

Tell me in the comments. Thank you!


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  1. I have a Nook with the Kindle app so both of those I use daily! It’s really hard to read iBooks on my phone so I don’t really mess with that one. I sometimes buy books from Smashwords, they’ll email it to me so I can read it on my Nook. Kindle has really great features so I really like them equally! I leave reviews everywhere though! Have a great day!!!

  2. I get my books from Amazon. I love my Kindle have had 12 in the past 10 years. I love them so much I had to share. I have only killed one and it was over 5 years old when I put it in the glove box and caught the corner it cracked the screen. Currently we have 5 in the house with only 4 people. LOL Hubby said it is always good to have a spare. Hubby and I love the Kindle with keyboard which are getting hard to find. Daughter loves the paper white and son loves his touch. (They had to have different ones so if they break it they can not take the others claiming it is theirs. They are 8 and 10)
    Have read on other devices but always come back to my Kindle. I even help out at the library teaching people how to use their Kindles.

    1. I use kindle and I have five. I have the keyboard and I like it. I have trouble finding time to read but usually late at night. You go, girl!

  3. I buy most of my books from Amazon, but have also purchased from Google Play, just not within the past few months.

  4. I usually buy my e books from Amazon, but I also buy paperbacks from Walmart sometimes. I have even bought some books from a store called Dollar Tree

  5. I do e-book on Amazon. I also purchase hard copy or paperback when I can afford them. I will say that I prefer paper/hard back books over my e-reader.

  6. hi
    ,Ja “nese

    I am only purchasing ar apple ( ibooks)
    for mamny people the most easy way!
    I,ll buy iTunes cards a t local shop and transfer the amount of money to my ibooks account ,then i can buy a lot of books if i want to!
    every author should be aware of this as every Household has surely one or more ipads and or iphones or ipods all over the entire world!
    unfortunately many authors have only a contract at kindle/amazon
    but should be much more aware of the possibilities of ibooks!
    Well hope its useful for you!!
    see you
    bouke sieperda

  7. Mostly Kobo, since my e reader doesn’t like books from Amazon and I don’t want to (and can’t) use a Kindle app. When I really, really want to read a book, I sometimes use Amazon (when they are not available anywhere else) and read it on my computer.

  8. iBooks. Injured both hands, iPad is user friendly. Use Air play to read books on tv while doing therapy/exercises – hands don’t cease up from being in one position to long.

  9. Amazon (Kindle) i just got my 5th one Tuesday. It replaces the one I killed Feb. 22nd (trying to rescue it from a fall my diamond hit the center of screen and “killed” the poor thing). My first was the keyboad version – which I liked as some games aren’t compatible with touch. My hubby kept upgrading for me as each new version came out. Paperbacks are good, but the Kindle is much easier to read in bed because of the backlight (don’t keep hubby awake that way, either).

    1. You are a true Kindle fan. I recently purchased my second but I loved my first (the one with the keyboard). I love paperbooks but carrying thousands of books in my purse is kind of cool. 🙂

      1. I’m on my third. I started with the Kindle Keyboard, then got a second generation Kindle Fire. Now I’ve got a Kindle Touch. It’s my favorite so far. 🙂

  10. I use both Amazon and Barnes and Noble/NOOK. I started my reader journey with NOOK and still go there for certain things. I also use instafreebee and Book Funnel always in .mobi format and our local library system for ebooks too

  11. Kindle app on iPhone, iBooks, BookBub is great for great deals on books haven’t tried the other ones.

  12. Amazon. I use a Paper White Kindle and absolutely love it. I have to have a format that allows me to increase the font so I can read in bed without having to wear my glasses. Amazon (KIndle) formats the books to enable this functionality.

    1. Mostly Amazon – sometimes Kobo – when I do Print books – my favorite author must haves either Walmart, Amazon or Barnes and Noble if not found elsewhere

  13. I use Amazon kindle for my books, both e-books and printed. I prefer EBook’s because they are easy to carry anywhere and not leave behind on a plane.

  14. I get all my books through Amazon, and read them on either my Nook tablet or Samsung tablet through Amazon Kindle app.

  15. I have a Nook so I use that. I also have a tablet so I buy Amazon and I have an IPhone so between all of them I can read pretty much anything.

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