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After too many tours overseas as a medic and then helping to make Nighthawk Security a successful firm has left me bone tired.

I needed a break. I craved branching out and doing my own thing. 

I decided to take a vacation and reevaluate what I wanted.

I decided to stay in a resort and make some plans. It was time to get my life in order.

I didn’t count on the hotel’s beautiful housekeeper, who instantly captured my attention and had my heart pounding harder than any adrenaline rush my old life had given me before. 


My life was a dull, boring routine.

As a struggling college student who also worked as a maid, life was exhausting and anything but easy.

When I walked into the penthouse suit and got my first glimpse of Easton Reid, life became anything but boring.

But, I’m not the kind of girl a man like Easton would fall in love with. That only happens in fairy tales or romantic comedy movies.

And the things Easton makes me feel are anything but funny.


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Passport 2 Love, Tory Baker

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