My Birthday Bash!


I am ready for my birthday! I love celebrating with cake, ice cream, and loads of gifts. 😉 This year I’d like to celebrate with YOU. Will you join me?

It’s simple. Join me on Facebook or on my blog to see my daily 24 hour book deals, giveaways, and readings. I’d also love to answer any questions you have about my books, writing, life…or whatever!


Please join me by:
  1. Joining me each evening at 10:00 pm CST for a short excerpt on Facebook,
  2. Picking up copies of my ebooks,
  3. Adding your questions below, and
  4. Sharing with others.

The first deal will start tomorrow morning. See you then. 🙂



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    1. Hello Barb,

      I’ll try my best to post the reading to my blog. Please visit the blog again tomorrow and I’ll include the reading on the post. Thank you!


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