January 2

Total Love



He lied to get laid…
I lie to hide our truth…

RELEASE: January 2, 2020

GENRE: Contemporary Romance

FORMAT: eBook, Paperback

SERIES: Blazin’ Love




He lied to get laid…
I lie to hide our truth…

It’s New Year’s Eve.

Business is insane, and my life is unrecognizable, thanks to the bundle of joy I carried home from my last trip to Las Vegas. But exceeding a billion dollars is worth celebrating until I see my son’s father.

I’m Chase Elliott. The GIB boarded a private flight to the City of Second Chances to celebrate our 10th Anniversary. A weekend is all I need to pop in and out of his city until Jameson enters the club. 

The man who devoured my body and changed my life. The man who haunts my dreams, craving him, is etched in the fibers of my soul.

And I fold to my last mistake of the old year, and in the heat of passion, I reveal our son has his eyes. I slip into the New Year running home under a cloud of Jameson’s threat—my hand or his son. 

I’m prepared to fight the man who confiscated my heart. And as the truth comes to the light, I only hope lies don’t tear down the house that love built.


Platinum Love
Play to Win
Rockstar Secrets


Blazin' Love, Holiday Love, Holiday Romance, Special Love, Steamy Sensations, Total Love

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