I’m running from one man and land in bed with three.

RELEASE: November 18, 2021

GENRE: Steamy Romance, Reverse Harem

FORMAT: eBook, Paperback

SERIES: Club Sin


Paperback …Coming soon.


I’m running from one man and land in bed with three.

Men are ruining my life.

My father promised my hand to Carmine, the son of a mafia boss. Then demands a shotgun wedding.

I’m desperate on a runaway train headed straight to hell until I stand outside the perfect solution: Club Sin.

No man in his right mind would want me after a few tasteless pics.



In no time, I’m blindfolded, tied, and dared to toss gasoline on the hellfire consuming my life. To experience a night of unspeakable pleasure and fulfill my fantasy.

But this is where my plan goes from a disaster to catastrophic. Because I trade two lunatics for three except Maverick, Andre, and Santiago don’t want my inheritance.

They want my heart.


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