February 22

Tempting Asher (Now) Asher’s Sonnet


Tempting Asher | Ja'Nese Dixon

Armed with her sexiest f*ck-him dress
and a hall pass…

RELEASE: Spring 2018

GENRE: Contemporary Romance

FORMAT: eBook, Print

OTHER: Limited Edition


Coming soon…


Armed with her sexiest f*ck-him dress
and a hall pass…

Asher Smith is a complicated man. He’s hardworking, loving, but distant. And the only way Jasmine Smith can have him fully is to make him think he’s lost her for good.

Fed up she asks for a hall pass and he said yes.

Barely holding back her tears, he witnesses the crime scene: her string bikinis, lingerie, and her sexiest f*ck-him dress are packed and aimed to kill.

Jasmine books a flight for a week in Cancun with Yuki, her friend and his sister, willing to do whatever it takes to get his attention.

This trip will be the death or rebirth of her marriage. It’s up to Asher to decide.


Yuki's Luck | Ja'Nese Dixon | Tempting Luck Anthology
As You Wish | Ja'Nese Dixon


Asher's Sonnet, Smith Pact Duo

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