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Hidden Desire


Hidden Desire | Ja'Nese Dixon

He’s secretly in love with his best friend, and she doesn’t know it.

RELEASE: October 10, 2017

GENRE: (Sweet) Romance, Contemporary Romance

LENGTH: Novella (about 100 pages)

FORMAT: eBook, Paperback

SERIES: Ready for Love Series

OTHER: Originally featured in “Second Time’s the Charm”–a limited edition boxed set.



He’s secretly in love with his best friend, and she doesn’t know it.

As a well-known producer, Bruce Daniels is taking his life, and music, to the next level. He and his childhood friends are launching an Atlanta-based record label and he won’t sign off without his best friend, Sandra, at his side.

Sandra James’ life was pretty close to perfect—greats friends, booming business—until a health scare threatened it all. And now she must rebuild her life around new priorities. A life she hoped would include love, but she fears risking her heart again. Even to Bruce.

Bruce desires more than friendship, he wants forever. Ready to finally get his woman, he plans an exotic getaway in Bora Bora to prove he can be trusted with her heart. But will a well-intended secret ruin their chance at love?

Buy your copy of this sweet contemporary romance, and see how these best friends grapple with love, lies, and finding their happily ever after.


Caramel Surprise by JaNese Dixon
Love's Hope by Ja'Nese Dixon
Second Time's the Charm: A Summer Romance Boxed Set


Ready for Love Series

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