I write alone at a desk in an open office. We have this “interesting” space in our house that we converted to my “office”. But it is open for all to see so I keep my back to the ongoing traffic of people going downstairs or to the restroom.

It Takes a Village | Ja'Nese Dixon

I write with my headphones on and a multi-monitor display as I write viewing one screen and glance, periodically, at the other with my outline and story notes.

I write in isolation but don’t get it twisted, it takes a tribe to make it all happen.

Today I want to thank the authors and blogs that helped me share the cover for Love’s Hope.

Thank you!!!

Here’s the roundup post:

Melissa Stevens

Bethany Shaw

J. Nichole

Kelly Moore

Anna Combs-Payne

LM Preston

Iris Blobel

Monique McDonell

Melissa McClone


See the cover, pre-order (special), AND learn details about the giveaway HERE.


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