Impromptu 10k Day

I am thankful for having writing buddies. I have not found a local writing group that works with my schedule. But I am so fortunate to have wonderful online writing buddies.

Last week I contacted one of my best writing pals and friend, Lois. We usually keep tabs on each other’s writing projects. Well I had a mini-venting session. (You know…my need to kick my butt into gear.)

She and I met through participating in 10k Days with Fear of Writing. Anyway…I asked if she would like to do a 10k day with me. And she said “yes”.

So Friday we “met” via Google messenger and she introduced me to writing sprints. Are you familiar with them? They are timed writing sessions. Then we reported our ending word count. They were great because it kept me focus for 30 minute segments then we took 15 minute breaks.

The first segment was weird. My brain went blank. (smile) I know why…but it was still weird to sit thinking…what do I write…what should I write… After about 5 minutes of staring at the screen I turned on my writing playlist and let it rip.

I closed the day with a little under 7k words. Yay!!!

What makes this extra awesome (yes, adults use words like extra awesome…) is I did this in about 5 hours of writing. I planned to write more but my hubby surprised me with a trip to the movies to see Fast and Furious 6–which I loved!

I think I’m getting my groove back!


10k Day

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