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This series popped up, literally, unexpected. I was contracted to write a contemporary romance for a boxed set. The characters had to journey to Ireland and our individual stories had to align with the general set summary.

I thought having direction would make it easier.



Story…please come to me. **And no, this doesn’t work.**

Then one day, I’m clicking around on YouTube and I stumble on a video. Then a character, Yuki Smith, was born.

Yuki is a biracial African-American and Korean and woman, adopted, and she’s secretly in love with her brother’s best friend. Easy peasy, right?

That one story introduced us to her brother, Asher Smith. And their fearless, loving mother, Rhonda Smith.

I struggled to find a beginning and now one story–Yuki’s Luck–will be three–Smith Pact Duo.

Stay tuned for more about the Smith Family:


Asher's Sonnet, Featured, Smith Pact Duo, Smith Surprise, Yuki's Luck

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