Dusty Pen Chronicles: Is It Too Late to Back Out?

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I almost forgot to post for Dusty Pen Chronicles.

But I’m not surprised.

I did not mark it on my calendar–paper or electronic. I did not tell anyone. I merely stared at the date on my calendar for many weeks wondering…have I lost my mind?

However, I couldn’t shake this thought of a dusty pen and old familiar journal waiting for me to fill the pages with my thoughts. My stories. My words unfolding line-by-line until the journal that was once unused, collecting dust becomes home to my literary empire.

Okay…maybe an empire is a stretch.

It is a dusty journal I’m considering. And its lack of use makes it seem daunting, almost impossible.

But it’s not. Not to me. This pen still has a story or two in it.

Here’s What I’m Thinking…

A challenge…

A short story a week.

A post a week.

I will post my end word count for the short story, as an update. I will share a blog post a week on my progress and share a little of my literary thoughts along the way.

The way I see it…is I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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