Day 1: Let the Race Begin

Let the race to the finish line of 50,000 begin. I don’t plan to blog everyday. However, I hope to share my journey with you. This will keep me focused and keep you posted.

Protector Update

I just love the potato guy. LOL!!! My word count after this morning’s writing session is 3,846.

Plotting Update

Yesterday I decided to get some outlining done. It sort of went well. I have a weekend trip planned which is causing my NaNo kickoff to go south. Oh well… I’ve worked under worse conditions.

To hopefully give myself some cushion I’m planning another plotting session this evening. I’d love to say I know where this story is going beyond the beginning and the end. O.O

Again…we’ll see…

Good day. And happy writing to my fellow NaNoWriMo writers.


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