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I read a great post helping readers write a quick book review. I can’t find the post, sorry. I’ll update it when I do. However, I copied the template for myself and thought I share a speedy version to reference.

Why It’s Important

I’ve been posting repeatedly on Facebook about the need for book reviews. Most people don’t realize for indie authors reviews are major.

Here are my Top 4 reasons you should write book reviews:

  1. Reviews are like a personal recommendation. 
  2. Reviews help book rankings.
  3. Reviews give the author valuable feedback. 
  4. Reviews are like currency to authors.

I believe the first three are understandable. But I want to explain #4. 

Reviews are Currency

Reviews are like currency, especially for free books. Think about it.

Why are they giving me this wonderful book? A story that took hundreds of hours to create and hundreds of dollars to produce.

I could probably speak for most authors here. However, I will speak for myself.

I choose to give away some of my work to point readers to the rest of my books. I relinquish the possibility of earning an income from one or two of my stories (actually around five) to point you to my novels and my future works. 

It’s a gamble.

Think of it like this.

What if your boss asked you to work for an entire two weeks without compensation. And if she finds your work acceptable then she will pay you for future works.

I can feel the eyes rolling now… LOL!

But that is how it is for authors.

Well, at least authors, like myself, who decide to forgo payment to encourage you to give my babies, my stories, my books a try. 🙂

Therefore, when you receive a free book writing a review is like currency to me. It is like you paid me a small wage for my hard work. It is like you saying “job well done”! 

Ja'Nese Dixon Book | Romantic Suspense Author

Pick one from each section…

I think the #1 reason I don’t write reviews (which is why I was searching for a template) is because I don’t have time to sit and write a long dissertation about a book. I just think…”oh, I’ll do it later”.

Sadly never, never comes. 

Realizing book reviews are currency to authors made me come to a decision, I will try my best to write a review for every free book I read. Even if it’s a short one. 

I say “try my best” because there are some thoughts I should keep to myself. 🙂 I’d rather not write a one-star review. Unless I’m strongly compelled to do so. 

With that said, I thought I’d give us a hand. Pick one from each section. 

Section 1: Catchy Title

  • Loved it!
  • Couldn’t Put It Down!
  • Excellent Read
  • Enjoyed this book
  • Entertaining

Section 2: Thoughtful, Short Review

  • I enjoyed this book because it was suspenseful . The author did a great job with the charactersThe book will especially appeal to women who love a relaxing read.
  • I [INSERT] this book because it was [INSERT]. The author did a great job with the [INSERT]. The book will especially appeal to [INSERT].
  • I loved it and would recommend to my family and friends.
  • Write your own…it can be short and sweet but do it.

That’s It

It really is that easy. Feel free to add or take away as needed.

I love reading long juicy reviews from my readers but I’ll take the short ones too! 😉

 What stops you from writing reviews? 

I hope this little post will encourage you to write them, especially on free books. Because reviews are your way of encouraging authors to keep writing.

Go forth and review! 

CHALLENGE: Write a review for at least one book you’ve read. Post it on Amazon, BookReads or Barnes&Noble. Tell me about in the comments. I’m sure the author will thank you. 🙂


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  1. I really loved the book and could not put it down it kept me up late at night I got this free book because I volunteered to review it

  2. I have been following your stories or I should say 3 of them. I love the tension you are so good at depicting . I often both like and dislike the characters. Often neither good nor bad. I will continue to follow your books.

    1. Thank you. I hope my tendency to straddle the good/bad line is positive. 🙂

      I believe no one is all good or all bad. We all have a little bit of both and some have a lot of either. It’s all about choices and how our choices clash with the world around us. <3

      I hope to keep you intrigued and reading. 🙂 Have a wonderful day and thanks for commenting.

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