We Did It!!! USA Today Bestselling…

Y'all we did it. WE did it! We hit the USA Today Bestsellers list. Thank you! To everyone that purchased, shared, liked, and emailed when I thought I'd bust a tear or two. But we did it. Your girl is officially a USA Today Bestselling author!!!! **Can you hear...

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2 Weeks until…Romantically Ever After!

We're closer... What's your status? Have you ordered? Are you waiting? Amazon Kindle Apple Books Kobo Nook The abs are hard. The kisses are countless. And the happily ever afters will leave you breathless...but no one said getting there would be easy. With billionaire bad boys, second chance lovers,...

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3 Weeks until…Romantically Ever After!

Listen...Linda...Listen. We have three weeks until Romantically Ever After. Please...please...PLEASE preorder your copy. I'll have a special offer coming soon. We're aiming for USA Today and we need YOU to do it. Amazon Kindle Apple Books Kobo Nook The abs are hard. The kisses are countless. And the happily...

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Tempt Me – Cover Reveal

 Tempt Me is a limited collection of romance tales. This diverse bundle of short stories has something for everyone, from paranormal to fantasy to dark romance. The temptation will be too strong to resist. This book will captivate you and leave you wanting more. Be prepared for a thrilling...

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Keeping secrets….Romantically Ever After

Y'all I've been holding out. 😁 Now I can share a big release heading YOUR way. I'll share more but for now I'd love your support via a preorder. You can pick your retailer because this baby is wide. Yay! http://books2read.com/romanticallyeverafter1The abs are hard. The kisses are countless. And the happily...

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STOP… Check Your Version.

Y'all it's release day for Can I Have You? and some of you got the correct version and others got the pre-order version.So, pause and check the Table of Contents. How many chapters does your version have? If it has 26, you have the incorrect version. Forward me your...

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February KU Giveaway

Check out the February KU Giveaway! Our Romance Authors are sharing KU Books. Read for FREE! Even better, we've pooled our funds to offer an awesome giveaway! Enter to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card. It's just our way of thanking our loyal readers.

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Join My Team

💌 Want to Join My Team? 💌 $50 in Amazon Gift Cards are up for grabs in the Grow Team Giveaway offered by our romance authors. We have authors of varying genres who would love to find new readers! Why join a team? (Or lots of teams?) There are so many...

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Death and Damages…Available NOW!

Today is release day! And I have an excerpt from Chapter One. I hope you enjoy! And please buy YOUR copy. Would he regret his decision? "Don't give me that look. You started a bidding war." The churning and agitation he felt evaporated as she lifted her hand. He...

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