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Becoming Daddy | RR Banks | Ja'Nese Dixon

I gave her a contract. She gave me a baby.

It was simple.
Rue would carry my baby.
My girlfriend and I would raise it.
Just another contract in the life of a billionaire.
Sounds simple right? Wrong.
My girlfriend no longer wants me or my unborn child.
She may have given up on this baby, but I never will.
And, I think I’m falling for Rue.
Rue, with her small-town charm and her enticing curves…
Ignites the fire inside me.
I will give her the life she deserves.

But will someone’s change of heart keep me away from the family I always wanted?

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Brothers Best Friend for Christmas | Amy Brent | Ja'Nese Dixon

He was my first. My everything. My brother’s best friend.
Filthy-mouthed, tattooed, arrogant, womanizer.
Tyler knew how to melt my panties… and my heart.
But he disappeared when I needed him.

Now years later, he’s back for Christmas as my brother’s friend and business partner.
Sitting at my parents’ dining room table,
Undressing me with his eyes.
I can’t forget the night he took my V-card.
And I wonder what harm would it be to replay that scene now…

It’ll be just one more night.
I’ll finally get over him and move on with my life – once and for all, right?

Now that Santa’s making my wish come true,
I can see my whole world turning upside down.
Turns out this is the hottest mistake of my life.
And screwed has never felt so good!

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Forbidden Prescription 5 | Stephanie Brother | Ja'Nese Dixon

Doctor, I need some work done on my chest. I know you’re the best one in town but I don’t have a lot of money. I’m sure we can work something out. Even if I am your patient…

When Tabitha has trouble getting job offers, she feels it’s due to her looks. After talking to some friends, she decides that she needs to get plastic surgery done on her chest.

After seeing the plastic surgeon, Earl, she realizes the quoted price for the surgery is more than what she can afford.

One day she heads to the bar with her sister, and runs into Earl. After getting a few extra drinks, he takes her back home to put her to sleep. But then they end up doing more than that with a one night stand.

But the one night stand turns to more than just that. And on top of that, Tabitha is forced to go to dinner with her mom and her mom’s new husband, even though she doesn’t get along with her mom.

But at the dinner, she meets her new step brother: Earl, the plastic surgeon.

Now they need to figure out what to do about their situation, which just got a lot more complicated…

This is a romance novel with NO cliffhangers, NO cheating, and a guaranteed happy ending!

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Rescue Me | Mia Ford | Ja'Nese Dixon

Blaine had a perfect kind of lifestyle…
Picking up his new honey to keep his bed loud
No commitment…no stress and no heartbreaks!

Well that was until he met Josie in a bar
One look at her perfectly structured curves and those long sexy legs.
And he didn’t want to break away from her
Things started out simple…
But then, sudden dis-appearance of Josie’s father…
Which could cost her freedom or even her life!
Well guess what, Blaine’s now found a new purpose to his life!

Don’t you worry Josie, Blaine is there by your side!

Learn more.


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Contemporary Romance, Holiday, Holiday Romance, Romance, Steamy Romance

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