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Accidental Daddy | R. R. Banks | Ja'Nese Dixon

She gave me her innocence. I gave her a baby.

As a billionaire, I’m used to getting what I want.
And that night I wanted her.
It was only supposed to be a one night stand.
No names, no numbers, only searing passion and lust.
I took her virginity.
Felt her sweet submission.
I knew she was meant to be mine.
To touch. To command.
But she left before I woke the next morning.
It’s been a year and I find out that she has something that belongs to me.
Lorelei, my daughter.
I will do everything in my power to find her.
Make her mine.
And complete our family.

Will I get my family or is one night all I’ll have forever?

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Billionaire Secret Baby| Cassandra Bloom | Ja'Nese Dixon

F*cking Pregnant!

Giles Pendragon is business royalty.

Smoking hot all over, a bad boy demeanor, and my boss.

Instant attraction. Can you blame me?

I was his prisoner.

Over his desk. Locked in his luxury penthouse. His hands exploring my voluptuous curves.

One hell of a good time.

A dirty office romance is harmless enough…right?

What he doesn’t know – he knocked me up!

My pregnant body turned him into a raving maniac.

He sensed my smoldering desire, and he set out to satisfy it.

Still, I couldn’t reveal the lie I worked so hard to construct.

I’ve really set myself up for trouble now.

One lie fed into another until they tied me into knots.

Now comes the hard part.

How do I live in the same town as him without him finding out I had his baby?

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Melt Me | Emma Nichols | Ja'Nese Dixon

After hundreds of years on his own, billionaire bachelor Blaise Draco had given up on finding his mate and turned his attention to growing the computer side of the security business. When he arrived at the Silicon Valley Expo, Blaise already expected to fight off unwanted female attention, but meeting the one woman who was immune to his charms had him intrigued. Luckily, she needed his help and he had his in.

Ever since her mother’s death, Maggie Wallace had cared for her father, keeping him focused and fed. The whole of her plans revolved around helping her father negotiate a sale for his software program. Instead, some arrogant rich guy came along and dashed their last hope.

He was living the fairy tale. She had given up her dreams. Together they might just build a future.

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Operation Atonement | Talia Hibbert | Ja'Nese Dixon

Redemption ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

The minute foul-mouthed Irishman Adam McLoughlin sees Dionne Pryce, he knows that he’s a goner. The ex-glamour model has curves for days and an attitude to match, and her ridiculous stilettos do funny things to his insides. He makes it his mission to have her.

But Dionne isn’t interested in being had. She’s spent her whole life running from love, and now she’s busy cleaning up the messes left in her wake. She has a mission of her own: Operation Atonement. And even the fiercely sexy Adam can’t distract her.

…Or can he?

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Contemporary Romance, Fantasy Romance, Steamy Romance

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