Book Reviews Coming Soon

I’ll keep this post super duper short. I will start posting book reviews on my blog. I thought it would help to clear the air before I start posting.

I may know the authors. I may know the authors. But it will not sway my reviews. In the end, these are my opinions take it or leave it.

Reviews will include:

  • Heat Level – I read wide but I want to include as a heads up. My scale is HERE.
  • Kindle Unlimited – I’ll include the KU status. I think this helps, especially when finding new authors.
  • Buy Link – The buy link is an affiliate link to Amazon. You pay no more or no less when purchased with the link.
  • Star Rating – I’ll rate from 1 – 5 stars. Be warned, I have a three chapter rule. If the book doesn’t capture my attention I will start reading it. I’m not certain how I’ll handle this as far as ratings and/or reviewing at this point. But life is too short to read a bad book.

Why I’m doing it?

I read just as much as I write, if not more. I love reading authors for pleasure, to study, to escape and I believe writing reviews will help you and them. There are a lot of reading options I hope you come to see my reviews as helpful when you decide to jump on Amazon searching for a new read.

It also provides fresh content for my blog. Win. Win. Win. ­čÖé

Join Me

I’ve shared in a previous post that book reviews are currency. I believe that more than ever after working hard to build my book review team. Every review counts to get new eyes on a book. I hope to help fellow authors, especially indie authors.

Please consider joining me. I’ve been a Kindle Unlimited subscriber since its inception and I’ve made the commitment to try my hardest to post a view for every KU book I read.

I’ve done an awful job of it.┬áI’m hoping posting┬áreviews to my blog will get me back to that commitment.

Here’s a short review template HERE. Know that I won’t post long elaborate reviews but short and sweet unless I just can’t help myself, which is possible. LOL!

I’m off. Before I leave tell me…..

What are you reading? Share in the comments.



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