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It’s WEDNESDAY. So, I’m kicking around this story idea. I need your help. Tell me…are cliffhangers in books a deal breaker for YOU?

Tell me in the comments.


Feel free to add an explanation.


Camille, an undercover agent investigating conflict diamonds, is left with no choice but to trust Marc, a CIA agent. Together, they must find the suspected group before it finds her.

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  1. It depends. I don’t mind minor cliffhangers, but I usually want the main idea/mystery/theme resolved, OR I want a warning that there is a cliffhanger, so I can decide if I want to read the book or pass on it.

  2. I don’t like “cliff-hangers!” I realize that stories continue. If I’ve enjoyed the characters and their evolution in a story, naturally I want to know more. According to me, Cliff-hangers cheat the reader of a conclusion to this episode. That’s not how one treats a friend.

    I’ve been a research scientist, a tech-writer, a med-school administrator, an associate-pastor, a wife, mother, domestic abuse victim – among other things. I have loved reading from when my mom read to me when I was to little to read myself! In addition to romantic-suspense, I also enjoy recent and ancient history, medical history, and paranormal adventures. Ray Bradbury, Issac Asimov, and Olivia Butler are all worth revisiting.

  3. If I know it’s a cliffhanger, I won’t buy it. Heck, I won’t even take it if it’s free. I’m on a fixed income, and can’t be sure if and when I can buy the next book.

  4. No, cliffhangers aren’t a deal breaker unless it takes the author longer than 3-6 months to get the next book with the answer out. Then i might be into dropping said author into an active volcanoe, lol

  5. Cliffhangers, YES they are deal breakers for me because I am on a very strict budget!!! I am 70 yrs old and money is tight!!!!! So can’t always get the next one in line (then I have a tendency to forget it, even if I write it down!!!!) 🙁 so no cliffs for me!!!!!

  6. No more than 3 if it’s a long well written really good read. A real page turner that leaves you wanting more and hating to wait for the next one. I absolutely hate the short stories that drag on only to have buy the next lack luster story. Then when all is said and done it all could’ve been one book anyway. When I have the option for a free book I don’t take the ones that indicate it’s book one. I hope this helps and thank you for asking.

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