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Reader Prize | Ja'Nese Dixon

I’m planning a rather large holiday giveaway. I need your help putting together the prize. What is the BEST reader giveaway prize? What would make you excited to enter AND share?

Tell me in the comments or click HERE.

1. eReader

2. eBooks

3. Print books

4. Gift cards

5. Surprise me!


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  1. I like all the prizes you’ve listed but let me put them in my order of preference:
    1. Gift Cards
    2. Print books
    3. eBooks
    4. eReader (or gift card if I have one)
    5. Surprise packs (books, candy, coffee mug, t-shirt, book thongs, etc)

  2. I like gift cards for Amazon, Kindles cuz everyone in my family wants one now and keeps taking mine, signed paperbacks, trinkets and mugs,scarfs, tshirts..etc…thank you!

  3. I like all of them! But mostly I like gift cards or an eReader (sometimes it gets old reading on tiny screen of my phone) and I always love more books!

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