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My Books

Caramel Surprise JaNese Dixon

Caramel Surprise

Sandra James, owner of Coffee Confessions, a small Houston coffee shop that serves up coffee, books, music and good ole’ fashion customer service, which keeps her shop full of eclectic patrons at the cost of her personal life. She yearns for a man of her own, but will all hell break loose when a love lost and love anew collide? ...

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Before Black Diamond By JaNese Dixon 1

Before Black Diamond

Before Black Diamond is a collection of short stories about a few of the key characters in Black Diamond. Each story will take you from the CEO of an international to a young African boy who faces danger at the hands of terrorists to protect his family. ...

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Black Diamond By JaNese Dixonsm

Black Diamond

An undercover investigation against a vicious rebel group, suspected of trafficking conflict diamonds, is jeopardized, FBI agent Camille Blackwell is left with no choice but to trust CIA agent, the infamous Marc Fulton. Together, they must find the rebel leader before he finds Camille.

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My Blog

Fixed/ Growth Mindsets

There are two different mindsets, growth and fixed. Growth mindset people can help people grow and they always want to …

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Leaning by Interest

If grades or the teachers didn’t matter in choosing classes for school I would definitely pick different classes. There’s so …

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January 27th, 2015

Hank v. John: Batman Comparative AnalysisDo we hate Batman or are we Batman?As I look back at the different arguments …

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